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Montpelier Virginia

Spring Shirt

Spring Shirt

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On April 4, 1837, Dolley Madison wrote to her friends Judith and William Cabell Rives that she was resting her eyes in a shaded room, "when the beauties of Spring would lure me to my garden." Dolley's springtime letters show that she enjoyed nature and gardens, commenting when the birds were singing or the flowers blooming. In April 1831 Dolley told her cousin Betsy Coles, "We have now, beautiful weather, & our garden and grove begin to charm me with musick & flowers." The Madison-era garden, renewed by Annie duPont in the 20th century, charms today's visitors with its beauty in every season.

Printed on the back of lavender t-shirt made of 90% cotton, 10% polyester, for comfort and durability. Montpelier logo on the front, left side.

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